A career in the football world requires hard work, determination, and stamina. It is also highly competitive and at times challenging, such as securing contracts and having to be at optimal fitness all times; to attract the eyes of those who matter or avoiding losing your current position.

With the game and industry a mindful of choices and opportunities, it is important you find an intermediary who can understand and manage all these aspects, leaving you to play the game you love whilst your intermediary presents you the best chances and opportunities around.

That intermediary is Gallacticos Personal Promotions who will be by you side, nurturing and developing your skills whilst opening the doors to career choices you may have only ever dreamed off. Your dream is our passion and one we want you to succeed in.

Our key strength and values include;

  • Listening and understanding our client’s needs and developing a great relationship that is professional, helpful, and understanding.
  • Always being honest and trustworthy with your interests always best represented and insuring you get the best deal, chance or promotion that is not just all about the money.
  • Offering the professionalism, you expect but also being able to be your friend.
  • Not just supporting you but family and loved ones who no doubt, like us, only want you to succeed and grow but without losing the qualities of the person they love and care for.
  • Setting goals and objectives to help our clients focus with regular reviews to measure progress and how to move on to the next level in a structured and orderly way.
  • Being available 24/7 is a personal quality that allows us to help our clients at any time. We are here to help with any problems, questions, or issues – on and off the pitch and for anything.
  • Offering our services to not just UK based players but players across the world.
  • Working with clubs both in the UK and internationally to present player’s exclusive opportunities and contracts.
  • Arranging transportation and accommodation where required for players, family, and loved ones such as at trials or between matches.
  • Understanding the rules and legalities of the industry bodies so whatever you do, you know we have made sure you are doing it the right way and within the rules for complete peace of mind.
  • Access to a team of industry professionals such as coaches, mentors, instructors, nutritionists and more to take your skills, abilities and understandings to the next level and make you an even better player and person then you are today.
  • Dealing with life off the pitch, ensuring you always have our advice and support through both the good times and when things are not going to plan.
  • Legal advice which ensures your contract is checked clause by clause and is legal within current laws and regulations.
  • Negotiating you the best contract terms that put your goals and aspirations first and ensure that our clients are placed with the right people who truly understand their passion and vision.
  • Handling media and press interest to maximise your presence on all the latest platforms including social media.
  • Seek appropriate and suitable marketing opportunities with corporate sponsorships and advertising deals to help promote our client’s values without comprising career progression and personal ethical values.

Players Available

Drilon Ajeti

Position: GoalKeeper

To find out more about Drilon click on this link to view the YouTube video.



Merveille Goblet

Merveille Goblet

Age: 23
Position: Goalkeeper
Born: Belgium
Height: 180cm
Current Club: no information available
Market Value: £450k
Links: Transfermarkt
Videos: Video 1
Would Like to Play in: England, Scotland, Ireland

Jack Leighfield

Age: 20
Position: Goalkeeper
Born: Dumfries
Current Club:Queen of the South FC
Market Value: £45k
Links: Transfermarkt
Videos: Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
Would Like to Play in: England, Scotland, Ireland