Goalkeeper Training Course

Gallacticos Personal Promotions goalkeeper coaching has been developed exclusively by James from his own goal keeping experience as well as his love of the South American style of football. This all comes together to bring you a fresh, exciting, and new approach to goal keeper coaching. South American football is fast paced with a strong emphasis on technical skill and ability as well as developing and using players sensory skills (sight, sound, touch, agility).

We include these principals in all our coaching which is uniquely tailored to each student with our coaching also including services from expert dietitians, fitness instructors and life coaches. It allows you to develop your skills to a whole new level as well as experience expert one to one mentoring and advice.

Our coaching is available to players aged 14+ and from beginner upwards with one on one or group coaching (of up to 8 people) available. So whether you are looking to just improve for personal gain or to explore a career in the sport, Gallacticos Personal Promotions is here to help you.

Enjoy and benefit from*

  • Mentoring for individuals or in groups of up to 8 max.
  • Coach support and advice on and off the pitch.
  • Creation of individual coaching plans.
  • Access to dietitian and fitness coaches.
  • Creation of dietary and fitness plans.
  • Access to gym & exercise facilities.
  • Weekly/regular performance reviews.
  • Setting targets achieve and work towards.
  • Mental health and wellbeing awareness.
  • Mentoring from industry professionals.
  • Transport and hospitality services.
  • Open to all; from beginner to semi-professionals.
  • All the above benefits are only for professional goalkeepers signed by GPP Ltd Agency.

Gallacticos Personal Promotions have a strong belief in fitness and health, including positive mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, we include in our coaching advice and support, mental health awareness. With trained mental health first aiders available, we offer support and guidance for not just players but their parents/guardians as well both in and outside of training hours.

We also pride ourselves on having at all training sessions (either one on one or in groups) the onsite attendance of the St Johns ambulance service to offer medical support and advice. It also provides parents & guardians the extra peace of mind that there are always medically trained personnel supervising and to be on hand quickly when needed.


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* Features and benefits will vary depending on coaching service agreed at time of induction to coaching programme.