Running a football club goes far beyond just making sure everything is ok on match day. Off the pitch and the lens of the media, clubs require the skills of many people to run smoothly day to day, just like any normal business would.

Gallacticos Personal Promotions actively works with many clubs of all sizes and league positions to help them achieve the same ambitions we nurture in our football players, to be successful and supported with our family values and ethos.

Our key strength and values include;

  • Working directly and alongside club managers ensure the club has the right people in place at all levels and advise on restructuring or needed resources.
  • Evaluate player coaching and look for ways to enhance and improve this by aiding the existing coaching team with training or bringing in our own skilled personnel to revitalise players and reaffirm the club’s expectations of them.
  • Provide support resources for players (and family) to use on and off the pitch with our resource network including fitness instructors, nutritionists, mentors, and mental health first aiders.
  • Advice and analysis on current players to ensure their attitude, capabilities and performance are right for the clubs needs and development.
  • Create effective strategies and plans to aid club performance plus prepare strategies to implement in worst case situations such as the theft of relegation or play offs.
  • Seeking new talent and players through careful promotion and marketing of the club as well as having our own pool of talented and upcoming stars that may just be the answer your club is looking for.
  • Media and press support to ensure your club is always presented in the best possible way and is effectively managed in the digital age with the latest social media platforms for supporters to interact with.
  • Advice on negotiations and fees, making sure club money is wisely spent and deals work with the club’s interests at heart always.
  • Legal advice and support from our own network of trained personnel who can help in any situations and provide the latest advice on current regulations and governance.

Clubs Aided by Gallacticos