The Dream is about Start…

Gallacticos is the result of James Gibney’s passion and lifelong involvement in football which started back as a young adult and continues to this day with the same drive and determination to succeed. With a goalkeeping father playing at Irish international level, the love of the game soon grabbed James who wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Finding his skills as a goalkeeper at the age of 10 with local team The Belidere Boys, James soon progressed with his talent spotted by Home Farm; Ireland’s then only amateur team and where the legend that is Ronnie Whelan made his league debut.

Making it to Irish Youth International, James’s promising career was dealt a blow when a life changing injury meant a change in pace but not in his love and joy of the game. He took his passion and determination and began coaching, sharing his knowledge, skills and abilities with young adults looking to better their game or like James, dreaming of playing professionally.

Moving Forward…

After moving from Ireland to Milton Keynes in 1991, family life did not stop James and with son Ben showing the same interest in football as he did, James found his coaching skills in demand at City Colts Milton Keynes which was perfecting the skills of Deli Ali, a now prominent league and England player.

Working with other teams and coaching privately since, James love of the game is still as strong as ever and is now fuelling his exciting new venture, Gallacticos, which is aiming to share his experiences to our next generation of footballers.

“With my life involving the beautiful game literally from day one, I have been privileged to meet some exceptional people in my time from playing, coaching and working in the industry. I have seen many changes and it is where the vision for Gallacticos came from, bringing football back to its honest roots and encouraging young adults to play football for the real reasons and not the financial gains that fill the headlines.

We Believe In…

At Gallacticos our believe is about nurturing talent and helping young adults progress to the level they want to achieve with my one on one style of training, advice, and support. The skills they learn will not just help them in the game but also in life with advice on diet, fitness, and wellbeing always part of a young adult’s programme.

I have always coached and mentored football and goal keeping from the heart and Gallacticos will be no different. A training session is not just a training session; it’s about coming to an environment where the young adults can enjoy the game, have fun yet at the same time learn, develop, and prosper with personal guidance and advance always available; both in and outside of training for the young adult and parent(s).

My style is about being unique, honest, and always with the young adult’s interests at heart. Therefore, I believe that Gallacticos is more a partnership of the young adult, parent(s) and us where we can all work together to better ourselves and learn more not just about the physical side of the game but also the mental and life skills key in today’s modern world.”

James Gibney, Founder of Gallacticos