Congratulations to Liverpool
James Gibney, Director of football and lifelong Liverpool fan
Gallacticos Personal PROMOTIONS LTD

Run and developed by James Gibney, Gallacticos offer a very different approach in developing your football skill which go beyond coaching styles you have seen or already be familiar with.

Focusing on trust and honesty, we nurture their passion in a positive and constructive environment which teaches not just skills and technique needed in the game but also about wellbeing and life skills.

With personalised, development plans and goals set for each member, they can develop and prosper to the level they want and enjoy our one on one coaching style that keeps the important element of fun in the game as well as the learning and development they want. Based in Cornwall, our coaching is based on a complete partnership and understanding. 


Fun football Camps & Training in partnership with Godolphin Atlantic Football Club

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South West here we come!